04 August 2022




SCOPHRA mounted a campaign in June and July 2022 to contact every Westminster MP representing Scottish constituencies  (59) and all 129 Scottish MSPs to seek their support in ensuring that all park home dwellers would receive the £400 electricity subsidy.  

It has seemed that residents who received utility supplies via their park owner and not directly from a utility company would lose out on the subsidy.

The response from the politicians was very supportive, our Secretary receiving many direct replies with promises of support and even more acknowledgments.  Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Conservatives was quick to reply enclosing a letter from the Minister in London agreeing to give additional support to ensure that we did not miss out.

We also took the chance to seek support on some of our other aims including change from the Retail Prices Index to the Consumer Prices Index in the calculation of pitch fee reviews and again we received support.  The UK government plans to implement this move in England as soon as Parliamentary time becomes available.  This could be implemented quickly in Scotland and Mr. Alex Burnett MSP  (Con. W. Aberdeenshire) is already tabling five questions in the Scottish Parliament covering this matter and others including a question on the validity of the sales commission.

SCOPHRA is grateful to our political representatives for their support but we urge our members to keep in contact with their local representatives on all matters park homes  - and do not forget your local councilors.  They have most of the local power.

A full list of the political replies in our LIBRARY section

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